Legal services

Joanna Dominowska law office in Warsaw provides complex legal service in the area of:
» family law,
» civil law,
» inheritance law.

Our legal service is provided internationally to individual and corporate clients, foundations and societies.

Scope of services

Joanna Dominowska attorney Law Office is located in Warsaw, but we provide legal assistance in matters of civil law in the entire country and abroad (in international enforcement proceedings). We specialise in particular in family matters and inheritance law. Our professional team of experienced attorneys handle disputes both in court and through mediation. We provide professional assistance and counsel all through the preliminary phase, legal process and enforcement proceedings. Dominowska Joanna lawyers are committed to the highest quality of legal service. Our Clients are ensured with meetings with attorneys who lead their case and up-to-date information about all procedures.

Complex service

Within the scope of civil law, including inheritance law, family law and custody law, Joanna Dominowska team of advocates specialise especially in:

  1. Helping Clients in separation-divorce process.
  2. Handling negotiations and representing Clients in process of court or notarial property division.
  3. Representing Clients in matters regarding division of inheritance or marital estate.
  4. Counselling in preparing prenuptial/postnuptial agreements.
  5. Representing in matters regarding limitation or termination of parental rights.
  6. Service concerning matters aimed at determining, reducing or increasing alimonies.
  7. Representing in matters regarding compensation for unlawful termination of an employment contract, remuneration for overtime and other issues in the area of labour law.
  8. Advising and handling disputes in relation to intellectual property law, including copyrights, patents and inventions.
  9. Dealing with matters regarding unfair competition, including unfair copying of third-party products and also listing fees.