Legal services

Joanna Dominowska law office in Warsaw provides complex legal service in the area of:
» family law,
» civil law,
» inheritance law.

Our legal service is provided internationally to individual and corporate clients, foundations and societies.


Joanna Dominowska family matter office in Warsaw provides complex service in matters of divorce. We provide assistance in all legal actions aimed at confirming the fault for breakdown of marriage, awarding, limiting or terminating parental rights, determining the place of the child’s abode, i.e. the parent with whom the child is to live after the divorce, with whom the child shall have contacts and the frequency of them. We also help to divorce when the child is an adult.

We also take care of adequate – according to the child’s needs and possibilities of the parents obligated to alimony – determination of the alimony obligation. Dominowska advocates handle matters of separation within the same scope and with regard to similar issues as in matters of separation and divorce.

Division of property, mediations, legal counsel before and after the divorce

Our lawyers for divorce advise how and when the marital property should be divided to obtain most benefits. At a meeting with a divorce advocate our Clients shall be apprised about the effects of divorce, course of the divorce case and also division of the property. You shall be advised about the terms and conditions for demanding alimonies - both for children and yourself.

Preparing pleadings

Family matter office in Warsaw's district Mokotów – upon agreement with the Clients – prepare pleadings in matters of divorce, separation, property division, alimonies, limitation and termination of parental rights and also recognition of decrees of foreign courts in such cases in Poland.

Other family matters

Our team of experienced divorce lawyers in Warsaw provides professional assistance when seeking enforcement of the decrees of Polish courts abroad and also the rulings of foreign courts in Poland. In the area of family and custody law our services are not limited to the EU only – we specialise also in matters relating to court decrees in the US, Canada, South America and Turkey. Joanna Dominowska lawyers are at your disposal – ready to provide assistance, counsel and to prepare notarial documents, including prenuptial arrangements, alimonies and inheritance.

Owing to complex services which every advocate at our law office specialized in divorce cases can ensure, in a pleasant atmosphere of the office situated in the very centre of Warsaw, family matters shall not be such an unpleasant experience as one would expect. We guarantee that all meetings and legal counsel are subject to legal professional privilege.

In consideration of the growing demand for services in the area of easy divorce without stress, family matters and custody law, we make every effort always ensure our Clients professional law service at the highest quality.