Legal services

Joanna Dominowska law office in Warsaw provides complex legal service in the area of:
» family law,
» civil law,
» inheritance law.

Our legal service is provided internationally to individual and corporate clients, foundations and societies.

Confirming the right to acquire the legacy

Our inheritance law advocates in Warsaw provide complex service in matters relating to inheritance law. We advise in notarial legacy confirmation and represent Clients in court in matters relating to confirming the right to acquire the legacy – not only pursuant to the Act (statutory inheritance), but also to the will (inheritance by will). We offer assistance in seeking to claim that a heir is unlawful and invalidating the will – even a testament writendrawn in aform of a notarial deed.

Acceptance and rejection of legacy

We help to assess the testator’s financial standing, including the amount of eventual inherited debts. We provide counsel on liability for such burdens, in particular on protecting inheritors against debt-burdened legacies. Our inheritance matters law office assists in direct acceptance of inheritance, with the benefit of inventory, or rejection of it. Inheritance advocate prepares for you all relevant and statements.

Legacy division

Having received a statement of ascertainment of inheritance acquisition or notarial attestation of inheritance for the purpose of property partition, inheritance division must be conducted. Clients of Joanna Dominowska advocate are provided with the assistance in defining donations – included or not – in the estate legacy. Testament lawyers from our office offer complex legal assistance in preparing motions to the court and representing the Client before judicial authorities during the proceedings.

In case of an agreement among the heirs, as regards the division of the legacy, the law provides for the possibility of a contractual inheritance division. Our Warsaw testament law office prepare the agreement and advice about the best method of inheritance division, accordant to the Client’s interests. We also help in contacts with a notary and assist in the conclusions of an agreement between the inheritors.


In case when relatives didn't have received accesory share in the deceased’s estate, they may seek payment of a particular sum from the inheritors, i.e. legitime. At a meeting with the inheritance law attorney from Joanna Dominowska chambers, you will be informed about the sum to which you are entitled. We prepare a motion to the court and offer you legal representation during the course of the court proceedings.


Our specialists in inheritance law explain formalities relating to the last will and writing a testament, taxes on inheritance and all forms of legacy-related agreements. We advise on prerequisites and possibilities of disinheriting statutory inheritors. We prepare final will and testament that may include – according to the Client’s intent – provisions and instructions (including enforcement stipulations), disinherit inheritors, and appoint the executor of the will. All requests of the Client are taken into consideration and formulated into provisions of a will, which shall be executed upon the decease of the testator.

Legacy protection

If there is any risk of removal, damage, destruction or unfair disposal of chattels or rights of the deceased, there is a need of legacy protection. Our Warsaw testament law office of Joanna Dominowska offers complex service in this scope. We Our lawyers prepare a relevant motion to the court, represent the Client in court proceedings, contact the enforcement officer and ensure that a property physical count is taken.

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