Legal services

Joanna Dominowska law office in Warsaw provides complex legal service in the area of:
» family law,
» civil law,
» inheritance law.

Our legal service is provided internationally to individual and corporate clients, foundations and societies.

Alimony matters

Our international and local divorce lawyers deal with matters regarding alimonies in favour of juvenile children, including benefits for children during the divorce case or separation between parents. Additionally, we assist in matters of alimonies payable by one spouse in favour of another and alimonies for juvenile children from grandparents of one of the spouses.

Complex legal services

Our experts in family matter we provide all legal services in civil law extent. We assist in matters regarding change of a absolute decree or decision regarding alimony protection (by demanding an increase or reduction of the imposed alimonies. Joanna Dominowska law attorney office also provides advice concerning enforcement and draws petitions for enforcement against a spouse who refuses to pay alimonies. Regardless of whether you want to reduce or increase alimonies, visit our attorney office for divorce cases. We guarantee professional legal assistance.